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Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse feel compelled to do what they can to make the world better, and they have decided that the art in their lives should focus on water, climate, and ways to mitigate disaster. The couple has seen that art can be a conduit to personal and social change. It can invite people in and encourage them to contemplate and, they hope, to take action. With paintings, drawings, sculpture, and video, Mickett and Stackhouse explore the role of creeping saltwater intrusion, the warming of our waters, and the natural and human roles in mitigating the health of our waters, our lives, and ourselves. Their climate change inspired art often includes images of maps, water, mangroves, oak trees, whales, plankton, ice cubes, the celebrated ice-cube tray, and more. Many of these images are included because of their real or metaphoric contribution in cooling our waters and absorbing the heat producing CO2 from our atmosphere.

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