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Engagement Projects

Using art to connect the community. 

Cool Pinellas

2022. Pinellas County

An alliance between art, science, and action which draws attention to the rising temperatures of our waters.

Want a cool glass of water? Add ice. Everyone understands this. Want to cool an Ocean, Gulf or Bay, then, yes, add salt water ice!

Cool Pinellas is the next phase of the Ice Cube Project, a collaborative project that draws attention to the rising temperatures of our waters. We gathered a community of people to throw salt water ice cubes into the ocean and had them decorate their ice cube cup. The mandala consisting of the decorated cups debuted at The Creative Pinellas Arts Annual 2023.

Irma Reflections

2017. St. Petersburg, FL

Mickett and Stackhouse premiered their participatory installation, Irma Reflections, in conjunction with their exhibition Confluence. From October 7 through December 3, 2017, Mickett and Stackhouse were in the gallery greeting people and talking with them about their experiences during Hurricane Irma. Visitors were asked to write their expression of gratitude on an image of the moon that will then be posted on the moon-painted gallery wall. On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the day of the Full Cold Moon, Mickett and Stackhouse in conjunction with the Museum of Fine Arts conducted a burning of the compiled moons. The artists’ believed that the burning sent up into the universe the combined heartfelt thanks of all those who have participated.

In The Blue 


Channel and Crest (painted cypress) are two of our four parts of the 2,400 sq. ft. walk-through sculpture In The Blue, a three dimensional representation of the Gulf of Mexico. Installation was in our show Waves of Meaning, Morean Art Center. St. Petersburg Fl. 

Peace O' Eight

2007. St Petersburg , FL

The cypress wood boat was burned New Year's Eve at Straub Park in St. Petersburg.  Visitors were  encouraged to write their 2008 intentions on the muslin that wraps the boat's hull. The boat was set on fire during First Night so that the intentions would be sent up into the heavens.


Michael Graves Art Park Indianapolis Art Center

Stackhouse and Mickett created the piece in residency at the Art Center during the summer of 2004. The installation utilized motorized chisels, gas-powered saws and hammers to create the columns. Stackhouse oversaw the work on the vertical stones and Mickett handled the arranging of the bases. Visitors to the Art Center were encouraged to participate by being allowed to don goggles, dust masks and gloves to contribute to the creation process

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